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Keeping Your Mind as You Get Torn Apart by Responsibilities and Yourself

Life is full of responsibilities and duties. You have to balance keeping your mind or losing it trying to fit in between your responsibility as a parent, as a wife or husband and everything else you can be; brother, sister and many other things to others. People go through several challenges and responsibilities and as you try to balance amongst them you find one or two sufferings and you might lose your mind on the way. Life is an adventure with both good and bad experiences but you need to be truthful and honest to everyone else for you to enlighten the others so that they can learn from your experience.

You cannot run away from your destination no matter how thorny the path may be. You might find the same thorns that are marring your journey are the same protection you when you are at your destination. These many responsibilities and duties may make you lose yourself on the way and lose touch with those surrounding you. You need to find ways to share with others your lessons and experiences, be they joyful or sad but you need to connect with others sharing your insights and try to balance because such small efforts can help make the world better than you think.

You can pour out your thoughts on paper or wherever appropriate because you start by acting to yourself before extending to others. Write or talk it is your choice but you need to share what your thoughts, feelings, and actions are since that is what forms character. The aim of such display is edutainment such that whenever people see you they see your work and remind themselves of what they learned from your pieces. It is proper to discover when you get adequate pleasure. It could be with friends, relatives, family, or alone. Some people find pleasure in being alone. They get time to read, meditate, think and many more opportunities arise whenever you are alone because you get time to think straight.

Sometimes you get busy with family issues till you forget who you are and what you are since you do not have passion doing what the rest of the people do and this makes you reach various destinations. Getting first at a meeting point to save someone from drowning in their own thoughts of hurdles of life and choice. Sometimes what we go through as children makes what we become as adults. If you have gone through hell as a child, you might tend to adopt that in your adulthood. There are people who are said to have gone through violence, when something happens, they tend to use violence to solve the problem. Life can be funny and complex and hence for people to plan and share, they need to have your attention, not good things. Life can be undesirable even when there exist no more circumstances. This is the time you need a shoulder to lean on and therefore ensure where you are people stay together and support each other countlessly.

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