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After you have made out your mind that you need a bareboat sailing charter to have the perfect experience in your paradise vacation, you have some decisions that you need to make. You need to choose your destination, the cabin layout that you prefer, the size of the vessel that you want to travel in and whether you will need a monohull or a catamaran charter. By consulting a reliable sailing broker, you can be assisted in choosing the right vessel suitable for you based on the number of people that you are considering to accompany you to your party. You will also get the right vessel that will accommodate your budget, suit your sailing skills and give you the skills that you desire.

But which charter is the best? Actually, there is nothing such as the best boat. There is a big selection of mono-hull and catamaran charters which can leave you with a difficult decision to make. A good boat is one that will satisfy your needs. This article gives some tips that can give you directions in getting the right charter boat for you.

Most boat charters last between one and two weeks unless you have very limited time. You will need to select your destination whether you want an easy island vacation or long offshore open water passages or something in between. The destination of your voyage will have a strong impact on the sailing vessel that you will select.

You need to consider the condition and purpose of the charter boat vacation regardless of your destination. You may need a vessel that has superior sailing and stability and at the same giving, you comfort as it cruises. You may also need to sail in shallow waters or have considerations of minimizing any roll at the anchor. Are you an experienced sailor? Is your crew experienced? Do you intend on visiting many islands during your vacation? All your answers may mean the difference in selecting a monohull or a catamaran charter and it might also determine the size of the boat that you should select. If you want to cover great distances, you should select the biggest ship that your budget can allow and you will comfortably handle your vacation. Your charter broker will discuss your cruising plans. They are familiar with the Catamaran and Monohull charters in their fleets and they will give you the best advice about the size and type of boat that you should select based on your cruising.

After you have identified your destination, you need to select the cabin layout. You need to have a balance between the number of people in the boat and comfort level. The layout will also determine the size of the catamaran charter. You will need a cabin of at least three if you have a party of about six. Most of the charter’s boats can accommodate two people to sleep at the main salon. However, this is not recommended for a couple because there will be no privacy. You, therefore, need to check the layout of the boats in their fleet and choose one that will not compromise your privacy.

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